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Take Charge Of Your Brand : How are you managing your personal brand for professional and personal success?

Speaker: Guisselle Nunez
Date: October 5, 9AM EST

Speaker Bio:

Guisselle takes her audience from revelation to results.  For over a decade, she mastered her craft by teaching personal branding and marketing to private and public sector audiences. Author of the book “Take Charge of Your Brand,” her seasoned, marketing and personal branding skills have helped thousands of professionals, with a large number being women, learn how to communicate their value, and advocate for themselves by building a strong personal brand.

Webinar Description

Did you know everyone has a personal brand? Some people just take a more active role in shaping that image and those that do are better positioned for success! Join us for an insightful presentation by a marketing and personal brand expert, Guisselle Nuñez, author of “Take Charge of your Brand” who will provide you with techniques to own, build and manage your personal brand.

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