Summer 2018 Dashboard


There are some really impressive stats coming out of our 25th Hour Google Summer campaigns! 

What would be completed in 12-weeks, we completed in less than 6-weeks for summer.

  1. 25th Hour clients' ads were seen over 2.3 million times
  2. Over 55,000 clicks 
  3. Converted over 3,000 people to the apply now button, over a thousand of those conversions were completed on mobile devices
  4. Our conversion rate grew almost a full percentage point, with decreased budgets and less time to produce them 4.8% to 5.4%
  5. Our cost per conversion went down by improving targeting and increasing more types of retargeting
  6. We paid less per click for mobile clicks, and they converted more
  7. Our click-through rate almost an entire percentage point higher than industry averages