About Us

25th Hour brings a fresh, new perspective to your marketing challenges.

Meet the dream team and see what we stand for.

Our team is made up of industry titans and fresh eyes revolutionizing marketing and public relations. With experience across several verticals—including higher education, insurance, and real estate development—our people will help propel you toward your goals.

We maintain industry certifications and association memberships to ensure we are always on top or ahead of the rapidly evolving world of marketing strategy.

Our Core Values

People First

Our families, and our extended families—our clients and friends we work for each day.


Hard work with no sacrifice in excellence or quality is at the heart of what we do.


Putting energy and excitement into all we do to give our clients the very best. 


Undertaking new experiences by pushing the limits for ourselves and our clients, trying new things with excitement and wonder.


Sitting at the table with everyone, rolling up our sleeves, and getting to work. No one faces problems alone.


Never settling for the status quo. We disrupt the marketing landscape with radical ideas, visions, and strategies taking our clients to new heights.


Leading the industry, hiring the best team, and celebrating and having fun along the way.