Meet Our Team


Jennifer Aries – President

Jennifer loves marketing and PR, especially when it can change someone’s life for the better. She believes we have the best team in the industry – they blow her away with their talent every single day. She loves sports (especially football), boating on a lake, pizza and Oreos.
She doesn’t like mean people or turbulence. Her favorite saying is by Carson Tinker: Be a blessing.

Trish Lamantia – CEO

Trish oversees the agency’s operations and technology. She works with the company leadership team to strategize on how to be best-in-class while serving our clients. Outside of work, she enjoys life in wine country, spending time with her family, and loves to escape to the mountains or the Hawaiian islands to refresh when time allows.

Crystal Berry – Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Crystal enjoys football with her family, changing the world with her colleagues, and serving her community through committees and volunteer work. She loves sunsets, hard work, hearing her children belly laugh, and coffee on the porch with her husband.


Stephanie Pettis, APR, CPRC – Vice President of Planning and Strategy

A self-proclaimed education addict, you can typically find Stephanie reading, listening to a podcast, or working on a new credential. When she’s not in a book, you can find her traveling, outside hiking in the country, enjoying the Emerald Coast beaches, or running a half marathon in the Grand Canyon. No matter where she is- friends, family, and laughter are always close. One of her quotes to live by is by Susan Sontag — ‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.’

Jeff Robertson – Director of Technologies

Jeff, our digital Yoda, has a passion for technology, magic, and the force! A professional photographer, avid fisherman, and undoubtedly an eventual finalist on “You Probably Shouldn’t Dance”, his opinions are his own and not necessarily shared by reasonable-minded people.

Makayla Morton – Digital Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Makayla (aka Mak) is our resident social media guru and digital marketing manager. She loves telling brand stories through creative copy and building strategic campaigns – all with a cat in her lap and a coffee in her hand. When Mak’s not behind her laptop you can find her hiking through SoCal or traveling to new places! Her drive to provide exceptional campaign results and service constantly pushes her to think outside of the box to keep her clients’ brand presence fresh and on the leading edge.

Rivers Brunson – Marketing Coordinator

The best part of the day for Rivers is finishing a press release, editorial, or blog and hearing the rave reviews of a satisfied client. She enjoys finding the story in everything from a Board of Trustees resolution to her favorite springtime hikes in Alabama’s Cheaha State Park. To her, writing is equal parts art and science, and she is competent at both.

Melissa Ellsworth – Marketing Manager

Wine, coffee, nachos and puppies are a few of her favorite things.
She loves her job because no two days (or two minutes) are the same.

Maggie Morley – Graphic Designer

Maggie is always striving to learn new things and continue to grow as a designer. Through her experience, she has developed an affinity for branding, copywriting, and UI/UX design. Outside of work, she loves cooking and baking, working out, and surrounding herself with cats and plants.

Gregg Wood – Graphic Designer

Gregg is an art lover with a passion for design and skills that make the stodgy look stupendous. When he isn’t enjoying beach days, cooking or hanging with friends, Gregg likes to step away from his laptop and practice traditional arts using a pencil or paintbrush. Although he is always learning to keep his skills sharp, Gregg attacks every project with the mentality of a graphic design rock star aiming to amaze clients and leave them wanting an artistic encore.

Grant Hubbell – Web Developer

Grant is our Web Developer. He is very good.

Melissa Magerer – Marketing

Marketer. Communicator. Chaos Coordinator. Adventure Lover. Challenge Seeker. Wake Surfer. Football Aficionado.

Candi Whitman – Marketing Manager

Candi loves working with 25th Hour’s innovative team and amazing clients to create robust campaigns to further knowledge of and access to education. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, traveling, learning Spanish, watching food documentaries, talking for animals, and is actively in pursuit of seeing a green flash.

Ray Garcia – Videographer / Photographer

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, “East Bay Ray” is our awesome videographer. He loves pretty much all sports, but especially the San Francisco Giants, the 49ers, the Warriors and the Earthquakes. He’s a chef in my dreams and music is a passion. He’s one of the singers for a band called Hair Supply, the world’s only true Air Supply tribute band. He loves to create and tell stories through video and photos. He’s happiest when he’s able to help our clients deliver their message or brand creatively, making it personal and professional.

Robin Dalton

Robin keeps tracks of our dollars and cents. She enjoys working behind the scenes and helping our clients achieve their goals. She feels like 25th Hour and our clients are one big family. In her off time, she enjoys gardening, spending time with her grandchildren and boating at the lake.

Lauren McDermott – Project Manager

Lauren is like a shark — she never stops moving. Thanks to a steady diet of coffee, vegan food, yoga, outdoor runs and quality time with her family, she is always on the go.
What makes Lauren jump out of bed every day? Besides the aforementioned smell of coffee and her beautiful family, it’s the idea that every day is a new opportunity to make the world a better place by helping people tell their stories. That has been the ribbon that runs throughout the entirety of her career from journalist, nonprofit public relations chief, arena marketing manager to project manager. Empathy is at the heart of great communication and great business and that is the compass that Lauren follows in her work and personal life.

Camille Bunch – Marketing Technician

Cami is a product of the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business with a major in marketing and minors in advertising and computing tech and applications. She is a forever and always proud alum of the Nu Beta chapter of Chi Omega. She’s thankful to 25th Hour for providing her with her first job out of college, and she’s excited to finally use her marketing degree that her parents spent so much money on. She loves listening to podcasts, reading, and above all shopping for things she doesn’t need. Cami believes that there is no better time than the Fall because it brings about Halloween, her favorite holiday, and unmatched Saturdays down south with Crimson Tide. Roll Tide!

About Us

A Fresh Perspective

Meet the dream team and see what we stand for.

Our team is made up of industry titans and fresh eyes revolutionizing marketing and public relations. With experience across several verticals—including higher education, insurance, and real estate development—our people will help propel you toward your goals.

We maintain industry certifications and association memberships to ensure we are always on top or ahead of the rapidly evolving world of marketing strategy.

Our Core Values

People First

Our families, and our extended families—our clients and friends we work for each day.


Hard work with no sacrifice in excellence or quality is at the heart of what we do.


Putting energy and excitement into all we do to give our clients the very best. 


Undertaking new experiences by pushing the limits for ourselves and our clients, trying new things with excitement and wonder.


Sitting at the table with everyone, rolling up our sleeves, and getting to work. No one faces problems alone.


Never settling for the status quo. We disrupt the marketing landscape with radical ideas, visions, and strategies taking our clients to new heights.


Leading the industry, hiring the best team, and celebrating and having fun along the way.


Who We Work With


When we say “the extra hour”
we’re not kidding.