Recruitment, Awareness & Public Relations



Low enrollments & significant budget cuts

Located approximately 50 miles east of San Francisco, Solano Community College was facing low enrollments and significant budget cuts. Having passed a general obligation facilities bond, they were constructing new buildings and launching new programs, yet students were not enrolling.

With no marketing department, they reached out to 25th Hour Communications to launch a massive enrollment campaign and to create awareness of the College’s two centers and it’s main campus.



Research, identify and repair

  • Researched student media consumption
  • Identified internal and external college perceptions
  • Identified and assisted with repairing gaps in the admissions process & pipeline
  • Created and implemented comprehensive recruitment and awareness general and micro campaigns
  • Designed ads and bought, placed and tracked all media
  • Created program and admissions collateral – print and digital
  • Worked with college partners like Delta Airlines on program enrollment
  • Used in-house photographer to update assets
  • Manage all social media on a daily basis
  • Managing website redesign process, including performing content writing and development



Hit enrollment target

  • For the first time in several semesters the college hit its enrollment target, thus avoiding budget reductions
  • Greater awareness has led to increased interest from potential corporate partners