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Seeking a New Leader in a Virtual Environment

This one-hour webinar will focus on recent changes to executive search and selection processes from the perspective of the employer. COVID measures have called for much work to be conducted in a virtual environment which, in turn, has caused the need for new approaches to accomplish long-standing processes. The presenters will address changes to executive search and selections in four ways: 1) Internal communications (e.g., Committees, Governing Boards); 2) Communications with candidates to facilitate their flow through the selection processes; 3) Communications with campus and college service area communities; and 4) Going forward after COVID-19.

PPL, Inc. has been actively involved in providing executive and consultant placements for the California Community Colleges since 1978, with a targeted focus on new executive search and selections for the last 20 years. PPL Vice-Presidents Dr. Lisa Sugimoto and Dr. Dean Colli will be webinar panelists. Active communication between these panelists and webinar participants will be facilitated by 25 th Hour Communication’s Crystal Berry.

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