Guest Blog: Dr. Linda Lujan – LCC President

Posted by admin on  June 4, 2021

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Editorial from Dr. Linda Lujan, Lamar Community College President With happy memories of commencements and graduations in Southeast Colorado lingering in my mind, I’m reminded why I love being an educator. The ability to “touch the future” as astronaut/teacher Christa McCaullife said, is powerful motivation. This past year has been one of the most challenging ever for students across America, yet their resilience, adaptability, motivation, and grace carried them toward their goals. Seeing so many

The Clock is Ticking: Time to get on TikTok

Posted by admin on  May 27, 2021

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In 2021, traditional marketing alone won’t help you reach your enrollment goals. You need to approach marketing with all of your target audiences in mind — leaving the fastest growing social media platform out of your marketing mix is short-sighted, and won’t get you the enrollment results you want. When it comes to Gen Z (that’s ages 16 to 24, and the so-called “traditional” college student) you need to have a solid TikTok strategy or

Web Optimization Case Study – Lamar Community College

Posted by admin on  May 18, 2021

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Gone are the days of brochures and glossy catalogues. In 2021, your college or university’s website is your #1 marketing tool. If it doesn’t look good and it isn’t user-friendly, it isn’t going to reflect well on your institution. Studies show users draw a whole host of conclusions about you just from your website alone, including the credibility of your college or university. Slow, clunky, out-of-date websites will make students think your organization is just

2020 Communicator Awards

Posted by admin on  May 11, 2021

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  25th Hour Communications recognized for marketing excellence from the world’s longest-running awards program for communications professionals (PASO ROBLES, Calif.) – 25th Hour Communications Inc. was recognized for its excellence in marketing and public relations in two different categories by the world’s most prestigious awards organization for communication. The Communicator Awards, the largest and most competitive awards program honoring creative excellence for communications professionals, recently notified the leading higher education marketing and public relations agency

Effective Website Must Haves!

Posted by admin on  May 3, 2021

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Ever bought a bottle of wine just for the label? Ever walked into a store because of the way the sign looked? Ever read a book because of the cover? Ok, the last one might be a little cliché, but these three examples all have something in common. We hate to say it but… looks do matter, especially when it comes to first impressions. Your college’s website is no exception. Your website is the front