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Posted by admin on  March 25, 2021

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  It seems like there is never enough time in a day. Does it sound like we’re talking to you? Well, that’s because we are talking to you, college marketers! You have so much to worry about already, from enrollment management, graphic design, email marketing, branding, web development, public relations, marketing, media monitoring, and that’s just the beginning. Once you’ve gotten through your to-do list, a brand new social media platform is out and all
      25th Hour Communications is a proud women-led company. In honor of Women’s History Month, 25th Hour is celebrating its women leaders and profiling them throughout the month. Jennifer Aries, the president and founder of 25th Hour Communications Inc., never saw herself as an entrepreneur. She can relate a whole lot more to the students at the community colleges that her company serves than she could to Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. More

iOS 14 and Advertising Changes

Posted by admin on  March 2, 2021

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  You’ve probably seen plenty of headlines about the upcoming iOS 14 update from Apple. The truth is that much is still unknown about the update and it is likely to have a broad impact across the digital marketing ecosystem.    What is the IDFA? IDFA refers to Apple’s “Identifier for Advertisers”. This is a persistent ID used by mobile devices running an Apple Operating system (iOS, iPadOS, tvOS) that when shared with app developers,

25th Hour Newsletter

Posted by admin on  March 1, 2021

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  Did you hear? Our brand new newsletter is hot and fresh out of the 25th Hour Communications creative oven! We jam-packed this thing with useful and insightful content and sprinkled in some interesting facts that you can casually mention to your coworkers at your next Zoom happy hour. This thing drops only once per quarter, so keep an eye on your inbox and don’t miss out! This issue will give you the heads-up on
      The California Child Victims Act, otherwise known as AB 218, is landmark legislation passed in the Golden State that significantly extends the statute of limitations on minor sexual abuse and molestation claims and triples the amount of damages that can be paid out to victims if an attempted cover-up was involved. The statute of limitations (the period of time in which a claim can be filed against a defendant) has been extended:

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