Public Relations

We will research, write, distribute, and track press releases. We use our media tracking tool and prepare monthly reports that reflect digital mainstream and social media coverages so you can equate a dollar value to your efforts.


Crisis Communications

What do you do when a crisis arises on your campus or community? How do you communicate when there is an active shooter, a bomb threat, an employee embezzlement or worse — a loss of life on your campus? We have experienced and successfully maneuvered the communication challenges that these scenarios bring. We can guide you or step in and represent your college with very little time and just a quick briefing. It can be scary, but we will be right there with you through it all.


Public and Media Relations

We use a 360-degree marketing model to build media relations strategies that support strategic plans and college or district goals, while integrating with marketing and advancement efforts. We create dynamic, comprehensive strategic and tactical public and media relations plans that include measurements and help achieve goals while also gaining awareness and support among prospective donors and community leaders.