New Services: Amazon Advertising

By Ana Moya Benitez
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As technology expands, so do our services.

Our partnership with Amazon gives us more opportunities to reach your target audiences through streaming services, websites, and digital signage.


Over-the-Top & CTV

Our partnership with Amazon allows us to deliver high-impact ads to a large, diverse audience on Prime Video, Freevee, Paramount Plus, and HBO Max. With their vast targeting options, we can reach audiences based on location and demographics, as well as internal data provided by Amazon, including interests, lifestyles, shopping behaviors, and life stages. By incorporating the platforms’ broad reach and premium programming, we can effortlessly reach the right audiences for your campaigns.


Nearly half of Twitch's users are between the ages of 16 and 24, making it an ideal platform for reaching high school and traditional-aged college students with display and video ads. Using Amazon’s first-party audience data, we can target Twitch users through other Amazon-owned platforms, such as Prime Video.

Programmatic Media 

Amazon has a broad reach with sites it owns and operates, in addition to several third-party websites, such as ESPN, Food Network, Rolling Stone, and other widely recognized digital media. Buying these placements allows us to reach audiences across Amazon’s vast media landscape with display and video placements.


We can now purchase audio inventory directly through Amazon for placements on Amazon Music and their podcast network. Having our own Amazon Ads Manager account gives us direct access to build campaigns and use detailed targeting options to reach in-market prospective students.

Out of Home 

Amazon offers a unique opportunity for placement with its network of digital signage placements in stores. With over 1,500 screens nationwide, we can tap into this growing media tactic to reach audiences while shopping to increase awareness and consideration of our college partners.