“Stop the scroll” on IG

By Katie Kenney

We all know and love the visually pleasing space that is Instagram (IG, Insta, The Gram). You know, that digital scrapbook you keep in your pocket where you share your life, interests, and creative side and scroll for hours on end.

As marketers running Instagram accounts for multiple community colleges, we constantly hear the question: What kind of content should we post on our Instagram? There is a lot to talk about with this question, so let’s look at some content pieces community colleges can use to up their IG game!

  • Student Success Stories on Instagram

One of the best ways for your community college to win on Instagram is by showing off your most prized possessions: your students! We all know that graduation is a big time to share your student's success, but following students after they leave your college is beneficial too! You can share stories of students who started at your college and achieved amazing things, from transfer scholarships to career promotions to even personal milestones. Celebrating your students is meaningful and inspiring and shows the quality of education your college offers. 

  • Campus Beauty on Instagram

Using Instagram is the perfect way to display your campus’s charm and the experiences you can offer them. Snap some pictures of your campus throughout seasonal changes or times of day (everyone loves a good sunset pic!), show off quiet places to study, or that building with unique architecture.

  • The college experience on Instagram

You don’t have to be a four-year university to show how awesome your campus life is! Encouraging students to participate in campus events will give you engaging content to use. Sharing pictures and short Reels of activities on campus, student clubs, sports, etc., creates a sense of community and belonging among your students. Make sure your photos and videos have a real feeling to them. Authenticity is everything!

  • Celebrate diversity on Instagram

It is meaningful and exciting to promote diversity by highlighting different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences on your college’s Instagram account. Tell stories about inclusivity and unity on your campus, capture the moments at multicultural events, and feature international students. Showing a sense of inclusion and representation on Instagram is key and makes everyone feel seen.

  • Interactive features on Instagram

Are you looking to gather quick and easy feedback from your students? Instagram Stories has polls, quizzes, and Q&A features where you can connect with your students. Ask them to share their favorite study tip or get their opinions on that latest campus event or their favorite parts of your college. As marketers, we rely on research and student feedback to improve the student experience. 

  • User-generated content on Instagram

Want to take a break from always creating your own content? We suggest you consider – no wait – we urge you to take advantage of user-generated content. What is that, you ask? It’s content other users, aka your students, voluntarily create talking about your college, and then you can share it. Engaging your audience in conversations is one of the most effective ways to recruit students!

  • Informational posts on Instagram

Now that we have listed all of the fabulous and fun ways to show off your college, we must remember that Instagram can also be a place to share important information like registration dates, academic deadlines, and financial aid details. Break these posts down into easy-to-understand infographics or short videos. This way, your students won't be overwhelmed and miss important announcements.


And there it is. You now know that Instagram can be so much more than just a mindless scrolling destination. With the help of high-quality pictures and videos, it can be the perfect platform to show off school spirit, student success stories, the beauty of your campus, and so much more! Share those user-generated gems and keep your students in the know with important updates.

Go ahead and get lost in the endless possibilities of Instagram features and show off all the fabulous aspects of your college through your school’s Instagram lens.