Web Optimization Case Study - Lamar Community College

By admin

Gone are the days of brochures and glossy catalogues. In 2021, your college or university’s website is your #1 marketing tool. If it doesn’t look good and it isn’t user-friendly, it isn’t going to reflect well on your institution. Studies show users draw a whole host of conclusions about you just from your website alone, including the credibility of your college or university. Slow, clunky, out-of-date websites will make students think your organization is just the same.

Let us help bring you up-to-speed. Check out how we were able to help our client, Lamar Community College, increase their website loading speed by 75%!

[pdf-embedder url='https://www.25comm.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/25thHourxLamar_WebOptimization_Final.pdf']