New Employee Alert! Welcome Lauren & Camille!


Let’s give a big warm welcome to our newest employees, Lauren and Camille! Instead of boring you with their really awesome backgrounds and resumes, we figured we’d just get straight to the good stuff! 


Up first we have Lauren, our lovely new Project Manager!

What was the best concert you ever attended?

My Bloody Valentine is up there for me. I got the chance to see them in 2008 and it was an absolutely surreal experience. It’s either that show or when Del tha Funky Homosapien did a free show at my college — that was especially cool because it was such an intimate show, and his energy was unlike anything I’ve witnessed before or since.


If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? 

I’m dying to go to Southeast Asia. Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Cambodia are all on my bucket list! The architecture, the food, the culture…I could get carried away just thinking about it.


What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

I’m ridiculously good at parallel parking. There’s no one better at it. Seriously. I’d win the Olympic gold medal if it was a thing. Definitely would be a Summer Olympics event, for sure. It sucks though because my event would be on in the middle of the night so no one would even see my parallel parking glory in my home country. SIGH.


Which four individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?

Snoop Dogg. There’s no way dinner with that guy wouldn’t be both hilarious and fascinating.

Michelle Obama. I’m completely in awe of her grace in spite of how much her family has been through. And I love when she shows flashes of her strength and vulnerability — she’s a real inspiration.

Brené Brown. She’s a researcher out of the University of Houston doing absolutely incredible and fascinating work around courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy.

Napoleon Bonaparte. I think that selection speaks for itself.


If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Magenta, most likely. I’m vibrant, deep and emotional. This is a totally arbitrary answer, but it feels right.


And last, but certainly not least, we have Camille, our new Marketing Technician!

What was the best concert you ever attended?

 It’s a toss-up between the Eagles and the Rolling Stones.


What’s the last book you read?

 Those in Peril by my favorite author Wilbur Smith.


What’s your favorite movie?

Shrek, it’s a cinematic masterpiece!


If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you



Which four individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the

Freddie Mercury, Harry Styles, Tom Hanks, and Mel Brooks.


– 3 Takeaways from Digital Marketing World Forum –

After visiting and presenting at the 2019 Digital Marketing World Forum in Brooklyn, New York, we came away with three overarching takeaways. So many ideas, so many possibilities, and so much fun talking with people who speak our language!

So let’s dive in:

Digital Generations

We know and understand that each generation represents digital successes and benchmarks and to reach them we need to understand where the lines in the sand can be drawn. We use sand as an example because the lines are slightly vague and not permanent – the digital world is always changing. It’s not always age-specific or generational, such as Boomers, Gen Xers, or Millennials; it’s even more granular than that, like the iPhone 6 vs. the iPhone 11, or the iPod vs. iPad generations. Each segment has learned to interact with technology at varying levels. How does each target segment receive their news, search the web, or interact with an ad? These are all factors we need to take into consideration as we communicate with our targets.

You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something to the right ones. 

Data helps us create unique and personal customer relationships. For example, we use certain data points to purchase predictability. For example, knowing a potential customer always buys in-store regardless of the online deals you offer, let’s us change the message to this segment by offering an in-store coupon to personalize their shopping journey. Knowing information, such as how often they purchase, their anniversary or their birthday helps enhance relationships, and great customers do great business.

Asking for their hand in marriage.

Performance marketing conversions are insightful and help fuel ROI comparisons, but asking someone to convert right after you target them is like asking for their hand in marriage on the first date. Expecting them to convert within a short campaign window can be exhausting. We want to bring them along in the story of the brand by using relationship marketing and a positive customer experience to court them and, of course, eventually convert them.

Lastly, I would encourage each of you to do a few searches on your campaign hashtags and brand mentions. Invest time in social listening and engage your audience with their language. Be where they are and show them you are listening!

5 Tips to Writing a Publishable Press Release


If you thought of marketing as making promises, then press releases are the proof in the pudding. They offer an opportunity for you to spread the good news that your organization keeps its promises! But what good is a good news-story that no one reads? Let’s cover a few tips to getting the media to actually publish your good news!

1.      Provide all of the information.

Journalists know that there’s no point in publishing something that doesn’t answer the 5 Ws: who, what, where, when and why. So take the guesswork out of the equation! As you write your release, provide the answers to these 5 questions.

2.      Use AP style.

Want the press to pick up your story? Speak their language! Make an AP Style Guide your new best friend. Keep in mind important rules like:

–          Use a person’s full name on first reference, and refer to them by their last name every time after that.

–          When it comes to listing a person’s degrees, keep it consistent. You have two formats to choose from – Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, or Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

–          Write out numbers one through nine, but you can use figures for anything more than 10.

3.      Keep it simple.

If you can say it in one word, why use 3? Save your flowery and beautiful writing for that novel you’ve always dreamed of writing. Instead of using “the entirety,” just say “all.”

4.      Leave off the Oxford comma.

We know! It may hurt your heart… but journalists are no-nonsense people. Nothing extra, and no wasted time! To them, commas only exist to provide clarity. If they can nix even one, they will – and the one they love to hate is that Oxford comma.

5.      Be mindful of deadlines.

If you are pitching stories to local newspapers, find out when their deadlines are so that you can be sure to beat it! It may not be possible to promote a Friday event in Thursday’s paper if you send the press release on Tuesday. Work ahead as much as possible!

Team 25th’s Top Work From Home Tips


Working from home for the next few weeks? Take a few tips from the experts of working from home (ahem, Team 25th) on how to stay motivated and sane!

As a team we have come together to provide you with our best practices for a successful day in the home office – whether that be your couch, bed, patio or actual desk (no shame in the home office game)!

●      Get up at the same time in the morning and get ready for the day. Even if you’re just switching from nighttime pajamas to daytime pajamas, it’s a trigger to your brain that it’s time to work.

●      Stick to a regular work schedule. Get dressed and once you’re ready to go to work,  walk outside then count to 10 and walk back in the house like you are entering your office.

●      Walk laps around the house for about 5 minutes in the morning and afternoon. It stretches your legs and gets the blood flowing. It also helps to let your brain relax or  work through any issues.

●      Go to work. Whether working from a home office or in an office building, it’s important to separate personal time from work time. This will help to avoid merging the two and avoid feeling like you are working all the time.

●      Utilize Google Hangouts to be able to talk in real-time, you can ping each other with text or video at any given time.

●      Block time segments for calls and actual work time. For instance, Mondays I stay away from booking any calls or Friday afternoons, if at all possible. Any other calls that I book, I try to keep closer to other calls so that I can get them done for the day and then transition to focused work.

●      Use Shared google docs and sheets frequently so you can collaborate and track changes.They’re the best for collaboration and not clogging up your desktop or files.

●      Start practicing “got it” email confirmations. Even if you don’t have time to fully respond, just acknowledging that you have received a request or email and the handoff of project work, is important.

●      Quality playlists are key.

●      Set the alarm so you get up and stretch my legs once an hour even if it’s just to get more water or go for a potty break or check the mail.

●      Find a quiet place away from interruptions of spouse/kids (as much as possible), and try to find more than 1 place in your home where you can work. It’s good to have some variety.

●      Check out for lunch and step away from your desk, or eat lunch at your desk and spend your “lunch break” on a walk outside!

●      Block time to check on family (you may need to work a bit longer, but it’s important to check in with everyone in the house)

●      Drink a lot of water

●      Turn your phone off or set it across the room (if it isn’t part of your job to be on it)

●      Open the windows to get fresh air

●      Keep your desk/work area clean and organized so you aren’t distracted

●      Have a separate area where you can sketch ideas/brainstorm vs. where you actually work

●      When your eyes start to cross at your computer screen, stop and do a small household task – like put a load of laundry on to wash, or wash your dishes from breakfast… Do 1 thing that takes less than 5 minutes. This will help break up your day and get you moving without getting sidetracked. (Because who wants to abandon work to do chores all day?)

●      Remember the coffee pot works all hours of the day, not just the morning.

●      Play music or have a TV on for background noise so you feel like you’re not alone. It keeps your energy up when you hit the wall around 2-3 p.m.

●      Get in exercise and movement during the day, even if it’s a brief walk!

●      End your day with your Top Six (The Ivy Lee Method) – choose the top six items that need to be accomplished the following day, so you know where to get started and have a list to come back to when you get pulled off task during the day. This helps to maintain focus and also settle your mind that the workday has ended. This is especially important on Friday, to be ready for Mondays.

●      At the end of the day, close the office door. It’s too tempting to go in and check one more thing.

●      Don’t check your email after 8 p.m. It’s too easy to run to your office and reply on your computer – When that door or computer is closed, IT’S CLOSED!

As a team, we hope you found something on this list that inspires you or that you find helpful in your new normal! And remember – Team 25th is always here to help you, invite us to a Google Hangouts meeting any time you need a little refresher!