So you wanna be a copywriter, huh?

So you wanna be a copywriter, huh?


“Copy” is the marketing, public relations, and advertising term for any and all words in an article, ad, or webpage. A copywriter is someone who…well, writes copy! But not all text is created equal. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you put your ideas to paper.

Write to your audience.

The most important part of copy is getting your point across. Sometimes folks get hung-up on trying to sound clever or smart — those things are nice to have in your writing, but they’re not more important than being clear and readable. If you’re writing for lay people, avoid using jargon. Consider your word choice carefully given who will be reading your work. Clarity is the number one most crucial component of writing. Read it, believe it, internalize it!

Write how you would talk.

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but the seemingly trite adage is true — just be yourself, including in the way you write. Your writing is, literally, your voice and your unique perspective. When you try to emulate another author’s style, you may end up sounding phony or inauthentic, and most people can see right through that. Imagine you’re telling a story to a friend — that’s the best way to simplify your thoughts and begin to get them to paper.

Another added benefit? You will probably find it much easier to write well once you shake yourself free of the idea that some people can write, and some folks can’t. It’s simply not true — you just have to find your voice.

Don’t stress too much.

It’s really easy to freeze up when you’ve finally sat down to write. Your fingers are poised above the keyboard, you’ve got the outline in your head of what you want to say and yet….nothing seems to come out.

When writer’s block strikes, it’s often a case of nerves. The voice inside your head might be getting you down and making judgments about the quality of your writing before you even start putting the pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). In this case, many writers will simply start writing, unbothered by the fact that it isn’t perfect. The point is to just get writing, and everything else will fall into place (with a good amount of editing after the fact, but we digress). Think of it like warming up before a workout.

Thesauruses are your friend.

This is a small thing that actually makes a gigantic impact in your writing. Using the same word over and over gets boring. Make sure you use varied and diverse language to make your copy interesting and fun to read. Just be sure that the synonym you choose really does mean the same thing as the word you’re trying to replace.

Vary your sentence structure and length.

Writing the same length of sentence gets old. You will bore your readers to death. Here is another sentence of the same length. Here is another sentence of the same structure. Are you asleep yet?

In all seriousness, including a diverse set of sentence structures and lengths makes for much more interesting reading. You’re much more likely to grab their attention and keep it if you’re able to create nice sounding copy.

Edit, edit, and edit! (And then edit again!) 

Once you’ve gotten your initial draft done, go back and edit. This is when you can start to nitpick your writing. It’s been said that there are no great writers, only great editors. 


There are several ways of doing this, but some of the best ways of proofing we’ve found are 1) reading your draft out loud and 2) reading it backwards. For some reason, these two methods make those dropped words and punctuation marks pop!

If at all possible, have at least one but preferably two people proofread your copy, too. Having an outside person take a look will help give you a fresh perspective that you may not have considered before.

Follow these rules the next time you need to get writing, and you’re bound to produce clean, fun-to-read copy that gets your point across. Of course, you could always use 25th Hour Communication Inc’s copywriting services and save yourself the trouble!

New Service Alert – Call Center in a Box

In the age of COVID-19, just about everyone is missing genuine human interaction.

The college campus and your future students are no exception.

Stand above your competitors with our Call Center-in-a-Box. 25th Hour Communications has helped countless clients develop, implement, and maintain call center services. Having that personal touch will set your college apart from other institutions.

With the Call-Center-in-a-Box, potential students will know that your college or university cares about its students and will support them in their academic or career journeys while at your institution. Students have literally thousands of options now that many colleges are fully online — but few offer an accessible person to answer their questions when they need it most.

Currently, 25th Hour Communications offers two options: we offer the base plan, which allows your team the ability to track outreach to stop-out and applied but not registered students. You will also receive a trackable phone number, new number creation or use of a college number that forwards to a trackable number and supporting documents that will make it easy for the staff you hire to respond to questions and grow your enrollment.

Our upgraded plan includes all of the above plus regular monitoring of tool utilization, call center quality assurance audits, reporting to college, customizable intake form fields, and counsel on findings and optimization. 

Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation today!

New Service Alert – Web Services

Don’t miss out on potential students.

Your website is your number one marketing and enrollment tool. If your website is slow, out-of-date, and hard to navigate, the chances are your college or university is losing out on potential students.

Even though old-school marketing tactics are less relevant for the so-called “traditional student” (18 to 24-year-olds) and Millennials, that does NOT mean they’re immune to advertising! Your future students are online and they’re savvier than ever. They know a good website when they see one, and they form ideas about the quality and value of your college based on your online presence.

Most importantly, users make snap judgments about institutional credibility based on the look, feel, and user experience of your website. Don’t believe us — check out all of these studies about perceived organizational credibility and websites:

25th Hour Communications is a leader in higher education marketing, and it’s no coincidence that we have invested heavily in our web development and UX/design departments. These areas are crucial to helping our clients succeed in their enrollment, marketing and branding efforts, and why they continue to hire us.

College marketers, let us help you! We offer the following services to ensure your website is always in tip top shape and accurately reflects your institution:

We will maintain your website, performing regular website maintenance/checks and supporting all CMS/theme updates.

Content Production / Updates
We will keep your site updated, no matter what changes from semester to semester. We will ensure all of your content is produced in a style that is consistent with your institution’s brand, and in compliance with all ADA standards.

Mobile & Accessibility Audits
Colleges and universities (especially public ones) must take accessibility seriously. Various public and private entities have faced litigation after failing to make their websites accessible to all. If that wasn’t reason enough, know that you might be missing out on students who would love to attend your college, but can’t because they can’t use your website.

Emergency Maintenance
Technology is bound to fail. If your site crashes, we’ve got you covered and will get you back up and running as soon as possible.

SEO services
All of the beautiful design and eloquent copy in the world won’t do you any good if your future students can’t find you. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will maximize the likelihood that highly-interested students will be able to find your website and the information that they need, right when they need it.

Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with us today.

Guest Blog: Dr. Linda Lujan – LCC President

Editorial from Dr. Linda Lujan, Lamar Community College President

With happy memories of commencements and graduations in Southeast Colorado lingering in my mind, I’m reminded why I love being an educator. The ability to “touch the future” as astronaut/teacher Christa McCaullife said, is powerful motivation. This past year has been one of the most challenging ever for students across America, yet their resilience, adaptability, motivation, and grace carried them toward their goals. Seeing so many amazing new high school and college graduates who succeeded in a year like this gives me great hope for the future.

We know the importance of education at Lamar Community College. Our mission statement is succinct and focused – We Enrich Lives Through Learning. Since 1937 LCC has been enriching lives in Southeast Colorado by providing learning and living opportunities for students in our region, state, country and beyond. We are excited to continue that work and even more excited to be planning an academic year that’s going to be safe, in-person, and active. I can hardly wait to see students engaged in learning in our classrooms, labs, outdoor spaces, and community. The campus has never looked better and LCC employees are looking forward to welcoming and helping new (and continuing students) in August.

LCC is also excited about the upcoming sports and rodeo seasons. Our student-athletes and coaches were great at following safety protocols and adapting to ever-changing schedules, but they are ready to return to some normalcy. We have some very talented returners as well as some great new recruits and I know the coaches are anticipating a very competitive season. The coming year’s schedules should be much more predictable and fans are looking forward to being back at the gym, ballfields, golf course, and rodeo arena to cheer our Runnin’ Lopes.

As we emerge from the pandemic this is a great time to think about college. There are more financial resources, including scholarships, than we’ve seen in a long time so if you think you can’t afford college, come see us. We think you can. Additionally, whether you’re looking for a few classes to build new skills, a degree that allows you to seamlessly transfer to a four-year college or university, or a program that prepares you to enter the workforce, LCC’s small college, personalized focus on each student can help you plan and complete your academic goals successfully and affordably. You are never too old to fulfill that dream and we welcome all students.

My mother always said, “Life is change”. And in this most-interesting time in history we’ve all experienced many changes. Yet enduring and steady is the enthusiasm and energy at Lamar Community College as we bid a fond farewell to our 2021 graduates and look forward to welcoming, or welcoming back, the coming year’s students. And before you know it, fall will turn to winter and then to spring, and we will again be celebrating graduations and commencements. What are you waiting for? Come join us at LCC.