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Your brand is the first promise you make to your future clients. The promise of expertise, leadership, and exceptional service. This belief is the starting point of our journey to creating or refreshing your brand.

We collaborate with our clients to create a comprehensive brand strategy, rooted in research and data, that is unique to your college and the communities you serve—complete with a tagline, logo, and brand promise.

Reach out, and let’s talk about writing your brand story.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, oh my! There are so many ways that students get and share information that it can be hard to know how to respond, what to try, what platform to engage with, and whom to believe. We have a handle on it all and can step in at a moment’s notice and help manage every aspect of social media for your college in a way that your students will find engaging, honest, and responsive.

Fundraising and Advancement

Is your foundation functioning as it should? Are your donors engaged and are your funding goals clearly stated and widely understood? If not, you might want to consider an assessment, a feasibility study, an advancement ‘tune up’ or re-start. 25th Hour Communications has team members with successful, advancement and donor engagement experience who have helped boards work together and have raised millions of dollars for multiple colleges. If you need assistance, or someone to take the reins and get things done, we’d be honored to be the ones you call!

Public Relations

We will research, write, distribute, and track press releases. We use our media tracking tool and prepare monthly reports that reflect digital mainstream and social media coverages so you can equate a dollar value to your efforts.

Crisis Communications
What do you do when a crisis arises on your campus or community? How do you communicate when there is an active shooter, a bomb threat, an employee embezzlement or worse — a loss of life on your campus? We have experienced and successfully maneuvered the communication challenges that these scenarios bring. We can guide you or step in and represent your college with very little time and just a quick briefing. It can be scary, but we will be right there with you through it all.
Public and Media Relations
We use a 360-degree marketing model to build media relations strategies that support strategic plans and college or district goals, while integrating with marketing and advancement efforts. We create dynamic, comprehensive strategic and tactical public and media relations plans that include measurements and help achieve goals while also gaining awareness and support among prospective donors and community leaders.

Full Service Advertising

The power of a message isn’t just how many people it reaches—but how many people it resonates with. Getting your expertly crafted message to your target audience is our mission, using dynamic graphics and compelling ad copy to move your reader to action.

From multi-channel online advertising and digital placements to traditional print vehicles like newspapers, billboards, and transit ads, we craft integrated advertising plans that break through the white noise to attract prospective clients.

Let’s get to work on your next great advertising campaign.

Tell your brand’s story and make your marketing campaigns come to life by advertising on TikTok

From developing your marketing strategy, creating your video ads and building directly in the platform, 25th Hour is here to help you with your TikTok campaign from start to finish. In addition to 25th Hour building and creating campaigns directly in TikTok, we also offer video production that can make your TikTok campaign stand out with original and high quality videos. With the most diverse community than any other digital space, you have the ability to reach almost any demographic imaginable. 41% of TikTok users fall into the ages between 16 and 24, 59% of TikTok users are made up of Millennials, GenXs, and even Baby Boomer generations.

Web Services

Your website is your number one marketing tool so keeping it current and compliant is critical. We provide web content writing and accessibility mitigation for higher education clients. As web content agents, we rewrite necessary outdated and/or incorrect content or create fresh content for your new site, review and edit other content owners’ submitted work to ensure all content reinforces your college brand. We can also train your faculty and staff on the fine art of writing for the web.

For accessibility mitigation, using a scan and evaluation tool, we prioritize your accessibility issues and then work to bring your websites into compliance with the technical and legal requirements for Section 508/WCAG 2.0 standards.

Like our site? We can implement any of the elements here on your site, regardless of the CMS! Contact us here!


You know you need to market with flexibility, but you don’t have time to create a plan. Or the one you have is three years old and you don’t have time to update it. Budgets, timelines, issues, and expectations change. You need to change directions fast. We look at your marketing challenges with a fresh perspective then work with you to create a plan that helps you conquer those challenges.

What are your students really thinking? What approaches to recruitment really work? We are trained and experienced at leading focus groups to get into the hearts and minds of your students to learn what they like, don’t like and what you can do to improve their experience. Similarly, using available analytics, we can ascertain which outreach approaches are effective and which should be altered or abandoned. We will help focus your efforts and get results!
Content Marketing & Development
What do prospective students want to know? What information are their parents seeking? What is the best way to reach out to them and the prospective students in your community? We have worked with traditional students, non-traditional students, parents, high schools and community members to know how to best develop, tailor and refine messaging so you reach your audience every time.
Know Your Audience
Optimizing your online efforts to gain more traffic, leads and students is more critical now than ever. 25th Hour’s “Know Your Audience” package helps you hit your mark and drive results. Deliverables for this package include a media plan based on your results and budget, and a branded PowerPoint to present your data to your Board or other campus groups.
Secret Shopper
Our “Review Crew” is a group of people that match your target audiences. They dig in and spend a day in the life of your prospective students. Let us help you find gaps in your process and get more students!


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