You know you need to market with flexibility, but you don’t have time to create a plan. Or the one you have is three years old and you don’t have time to update it. Budgets, timelines, issues, and expectations change. You need to change directions fast. We look at your marketing challenges with a fresh perspective then work with you to create a plan that helps you conquer those challenges.


What are your students really thinking? What approaches to recruitment really work? We are trained and experienced at leading focus groups to get into the hearts and minds of your students to learn what they like, don’t like and what you can do to improve their experience. Similarly, using available analytics, we can ascertain which outreach approaches are effective and which should be altered or abandoned. We will help focus your efforts and get results!

Content Marketing & Development

What do prospective students want to know? What information are their parents seeking? What is the best way to reach out to them and the prospective students in your community? We have worked with traditional students, non-traditional students, parents, high schools and community members to know how to best develop, tailor and refine messaging so you reach your audience every time.

Know Your Audience

Optimizing your online efforts to gain more traffic, leads and students is more critical now than ever. 25th Hour’s “Know Your Audience” package helps you hit your mark and drive results. Deliverables for this package include a media plan based on your results and budget, and a branded PowerPoint to present your data to your Board or other campus groups.

Secret Shopper

Our “Review Crew” is a group of people that match your target audiences. They dig in and spend a day in the life of your prospective students. Let us help you find gaps in your process and get more students!